Do Not Dry Clean



This garment was brought to us by a customer who had worn the coat for years and never cleaned it because the care label said DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Because of the fur and the lace, these items made it difficult to clean.  With our knowledge of textiles and a superior Eco Dry Cleaning system we were able to clean it without any problems.

You can’t always trust the care labels. By law all garments sold in the United States need to have an accurate care label. After evaluating the material, dye  and structure of this garment there was not anything I could find that would not allow me to clean it. My presumption is that manufactures make hundreds of thousands of care labels for a particular style of garments. Within that style are color variations, decorative variations, and sometimes material variations. In this case the care label may be correct if the garment were black or the fur was in multiple pieces.

Having a good relationship with an experienced dry cleaner is invaluable to maintaining your wardrobe.

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