What Causes Unidentified Bleach Stains

We often see garments or should I say we often get blamed for garment with bleached type stain on them. What is happening unknown to most people is that many household and personal care products contain bleach, oxidizing agents and/or alcohol in them. These products include but not limited to medicines, shampoo’s, skin cleaners, hair products of all types and household cleaners ranging from window cleaners to counter, bath and floor cleaners with the most deadly being cleaners that kill mold. Many of these household cleaners will not mention anywhere on the label that it contains bleach but it is the most common product used to kill mold.

Products containing bleach will strip the color out instantly leaving a white circular stain while oxidizing agents will fade and/or soften the color over time, then when the garment(s) are cleaned or washed the color is removed and the faded white/bleach looking stain appears. You won’t see the problems the oxidizing agents cause until it’s too late and most often you may not realize how these problem stains came about.

Diligence is important when using these types of product. Change your clothes or wear an apron when cleaning the kitchen counters, washing the dishes or brushing the toilet bowl. Wrap a towel around your shoulder before applying hair spray, makeup or perfume. And never ever sprits that little extra perfume in the air and walk through it before you leave or dab a little cologne around your neck before your put on your tie. That is a sure way to cause damage to your garments.

Karl Huie

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