Buy It Or Not? Can I Tailor It To Fit? What Type Of Alterations Will It Need?

Buy it or not, buy it or not, she loves me she loves me not, he loves me he loves me not, e-nee me-nee my-nee mo, roe-chambo – rock-paper-scissor should I buy this garment or not?

You love the style and color but it doesn’t fit you quit the way you want. The problem is that most people think that clothes have to fit perfectly straight off the rack. That’s a big misconception because we are not Storm Trooper Clones of identical size and shapes. We are all shape differently even if we are the same size.

A simple alteration is a great way to customize that garment to fit you and give it that extra flare that says this garment was made for me. Shortening the hem of a pant, tapering a skirt, shortening the cuffs of a shirt, shorten a sleeve on a jacket or tapering a jacket, taper the sides of a shirt,add a snap to a blouse to keep it from being over revealing, shorten a skirt to make it look sexier, these are easy ways to accent what you want. To show off what you want people to see and to hide what you don’t want them to see. The end result is a custom garment without having to have garments made for you.

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and you think to yourself “Wow that person looks great”. Clothing is the finishing touch to your image and when a garment fits you properly it will project a flare and style.

Many of my regular customers call me from the department store to ask me about tailoring a garment or cleaning it. Some will buy it to bring in and show me how it fits on them to see if I can make the necessary alteration on the garment to fit properly. Tweaking a garment off the rack is part of the shopping process. Consult your local dry cleaner to alter those garments to fit you properly.

Happy shopping!

Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito is your green dry cleaner serving you with non toxic alternatives.

The first dry cleaner in Marin and San Francisco to be green business certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program and San Francisco Environment.

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