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New Flame Retardant Standard!

It’s official!!! The Governor of California Jerry Brown announced the new furniture flammability standard! Beginning in January 2014, new furniture will no longer need toxic flame retardants applied to the fabric. This is huge in terms of the toxic exposure from chemicals apply to your furniture that makes it flame retardant. What was meant to keep us [...]

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Fabricare 2012 – California Dry Clean Convention

The FABRICARE Show in Long Beach CA is the dry cleaning convention for our great state of California,  held every other year in July at the Long Beach Convention Center. Although it’s considered the California convention it is one of the premier conventions following the national convention. There were venders and attendees from around the [...]

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Self Cleaning Clothes

Engineers in China have created a non toxic, environmentally friendly chemical coating for garments that will remove stains and odors when exposed to sunlight. The research was done at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Hubei University for Nationalities. In the research test an orange dye was applied to the coated garment, 71% of the stain [...]

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What to Use: Paper, Plastic, or Reusable Bags?

Over my lifetime we have gone from using paper bags, to plastic bags, back to paper bags, to reusable bags. But what is really the most environmentally friendly way to carry your groceries and dry cleaning home? Let’s start with exposing some of the misinformation: ·         Plastic bags create some estimated 300 million pounds of [...]

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UCLA Sustainable Technology Program Sponsors Wet Clean Demonstration in San Jose CA

The UCLA Sustainable Technology Program sponsored an information and demonstration workshop for the non toxic Professional Wet Clean system on March 11, 2012 in San Jose CA at Branham Lane Cleaners.   This system is a solvent free, non toxic alternative to traditional Dry Clean. Wet Clean and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are the only two [...]

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What is Truly Green Dry Cleaning? by Julianna Mo of Press On Cleaners in San Mateo

What is truly green dry cleaning? (article printed in The Daily Journal; October 08, 2009, 10:40pm by Julianna Mo) Have you ever wondered what green dry cleaning really means? This term can confuse even the most educated consumer because there are no universally accepted guidelines as to what qualifies as a “green dry cleaner.” Many [...]

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What Makes Pacific Heights Cleaners Different Than Other Dry Cleaners.

What Makes Pacific Heights Cleaners Different Than Other Dry Cleaners.   What Makes Us Different: To put this into context, there are more dry cleaners than Starbucks, so why make the effort to come use us. Years ago we made a huge commitment to preserve our environment without sacrificing our commitment to service, quality, and [...]

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The Federal Trade Commission reviews the addition of Wet Clean to garment care labels

The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing the need to add Wet Clean to the garment care label. Post a public comment before September 6, 2011.   The care label system is to inform both the consumer and the dry cleaner of the material(s) in the garment and cleaning requirements(s) for multiple reasons. For the consumer [...]

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Clean Show 2011. The national dry cleaning convention in Las Vegas.

The Clean Show in Las Vegas is the national dry cleaning convention held every other year in June. It’s an enormous convention that fills the entire convention center with attendee’s from around the country and the world. I met attendee’s from Italy, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and Canada.   My brother William and I was [...]

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Wet Clean Workshop in Novato June 19, 2011

We will be supporting another Wet Clean workshop held by the UCLA Sustainable Technology & Policy Program. This workshop is intended for dry cleaners using Perchloroethylene (PERC) to come see a live demonstration of the non toxic Wet Clean system. The professional Wet Cleaning system is a non toxic, non smog forming substitute for solvent [...]

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Dry Cleaning Convention “Clean Show” in Las Vegas 2011

The Clean Show in Las Vegas is the national convention for our industry of dry cleaners. It is held biannually with attendees from around the country and world. This year I spoke with people from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and even Italy. Many of the shows attendees came to see the Wet Clean system, this is [...]

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Clean Show in Las Vegas

Clean Show in Las Vegas   The Clean Show in Las Vegas this month is the National Dry Cleaning convention held every two years. As pioneers in Green Dry Cleaning, we have been ask to attend this years show to represent the Wet Clean (eco dry clean) system. We will be working in both the [...]

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What Causes the Gray Tint on Garments in Solvent Dry Cleaning?

In the  April 2011 of American Drycleaner there is an article called Removing The Stains You Make. This article teaches dry cleaners how to remove the gray tint along with the gray and black circles they caused. These gray and black hues on your white garments are caused by the dirty dry cleaning solvents. This [...]

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How do I know if my dry cleaner is a green dry cleaner?

www.greenbusinessca.org www.sfgreenbusiness.org In all the counties of the San Francisco Bay Area there is a governing body for green businesses call the Bay Area Green Business Program. The green business program in these counties will only certify a dry cleaner if they are using one of two dry cleaning systems. The first and most popular [...]

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Dry Cleaning Convention

We are one of a few green certified dry cleaners invited by the manufacture to attend the Long Beach California Dry Clean Convention to represent Green Dry Cleaning. The Wet Cleaners represented here are: Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito Natures Best Cleaners in Petaluma Press On Cleaners formerly Snow White Cleaners in [...]

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Green washing is everywhere (literally), as you drive down the street every other business is claiming to be green and environmental friendly. How do you know if they really are or they are just claiming it? The San Francisco Bay Area has developed a Green Business Program to create guidelines for businesses in a particular [...]

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The future of fabrics rest within our imagination!

For thousands of years the only fibers available for textiles were natural fibers created by Mother Nature. Clothing and household items were woven from animal, protein or plant fibers such as wool, cashmere, silk, linen and cotton. A little over a century ago the first manufactured fiber became available through modern technology and chemistry. Rayon [...]

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New Jersey offers cash for replacing perc equipment

Anticipating tougher regulations for drycleaners, the state of New Jersey is offering cash to dry cleaners who agree to scrap their existing perc machines in favor of newer models. The state has dedicated more than $4 million to the program. The program provides an extra incentive for Wet Cleaning, which is in line with another [...]

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San Francisco’s Newest Green Cleaner

Vermont Cleaners, Potrero Hill 600 Vermont Street San Francisco CA 94107 415-647-8080 Cross Street; intersection of 18th Street and Vermont Street As a pioneer in our industry I’m always happy and proud to see others follow suit and Vermont Cleaners in San Francisco is the newest dry cleaner to make the conversion over to an [...]

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It May Market Organic Alternatives, but Is Your Cleaner Really Greener?

In New York and around the country, dry-cleaning stores have increasingly sprouted signs reading “organic” or “green,” as environmentally conscious consumers look for alternatives to traditional dry cleaning and its use of the solvent perchloroethylene. Prolonged contact with that solvent, known as PCE or perc, has been linked in some studies to cancer and neurological [...]

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Are There Green Dry Cleaners?

Do Green Dry Cleaners Exist? Greentips: August 2007 Contrary to what its name implies, dry cleaning involves washing clothes in a liquid solvent to remove stains. In about 85 percent of dry cleaning shops this solvent is perchloroethylene (or “perc”), a chemical that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers both a health and environmental hazard. [...]

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Dry Cleaning’s Dirty Trick

In most big cities you will see drycleaners attempting to go green.  For many, though, green refers to money, not environmental consciousness. There’s a curious sign in the storefronts of many drycleaners boasting of a new “organic” cleaning technique that is non-toxic and environmentally benign.  Clearly they are trying to capitalize on the consumers’ pursuit [...]

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Toxic Use Reduction Institute awards grant to dry cleaner

The Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at the University of Massachusetts/Lowell recently awarded Best Neighborhood Cleaners of Medford, Mass., an $18,000 grant to help discontinue the use of perchloroethylene (PERC). The grant helped fund the purchase and installation of wetcleaning equipment at the store. “I am very happy to be using this equipment in my [...]

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Where in India is eco dry cleaning practiced?

Question; i wanted to know that where in India is eco friendly dry cleaning practised.     Answer; The simplest form of eco dry cleaning is done on the banks of the river Ganga. Anyone and everyone cleaning there silk sari’s on the Ganga is using a simple form of green dry cleaning.   As [...]

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How is Green Earth not environmentally friendly?

Question; How is Green Earth not environmentally friendly? How do you use water solely and claim to clean clothes thoroughly? What about the chemicals in soap- is that environmentally friendly? I heard that “wet cleaning” shrinks your clothes?  Uauh   Answer; Let me separate your questions and answer them one at a time.   Question [...]

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S.F. takes green issue to dry cleaners

Great article in the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday September 19,2009 about the hazards of dry cleaning solvents and the non toxic alternatives. Here is the link to the full article; http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/09/18/MNNH19O3DM.DTL   Pacific Heights Cleaners, Sausalito & San Francisco, your non toxic alternative. www.eco-drycleaners.com Marin’s 1st & Best Certified Green Dry Cleaner.  

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San Francisco Environment Dry Clean Workshop

August 23, 2009   San Francisco Environment held a workshop to inform all the dry cleaners in the city and county of San Francisco of the health and environmental dangers of dry cleaning with the various solvent on the market as well as the regulation for those respective solvents. Our role in this workshop was [...]

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Green Dry Clean- Video

Follow your garments at Pacific Heights Cleaners going through the ECO Dry Clean (Wet Clean) process. See how we handle your garments from start to finish using a non toxic dry cleaning system. This system is recognized by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) as being safe for your health and is environmentally friendly. Karl Huie Pacific [...]

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Environmentally Friendly Dry Clean Video

Benefits of solvent free dry cleaning. Karl Huie Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito is your resource for cleaning tips and garment care information. A certified green dry cleaner by the Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Environment. Your non toxic dry cleaning alternative serving you with an EPA approved [...]

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Dry Cleaning Report by San Francisco Environment

Green Dry Clean! Eco-DryClean (wet clean) is a non toxic safe alternative to traditional solvent dry cleaning. San Francisco Environment a department of the City & County of San Francisco issued a report and ranking of dry cleaning solvents and there health effects (human and environmental)*. #1: Eco-DryClean- Consumers that use wet cleaning know that [...]

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