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Your body stores toxins when exposed to chemicals such as dry cleaning, pumping gas, running/exercising in traffic or something as innocent as drinking tap water.  Reduce toxins from your body by exercising, eating organic foods, and take antioxidants.  Most of us concerned with staying healthy know these A, B, C’s of living well. And if [...]

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The 2008-09 annual report of the President’s Cancer Panel

has just been released.  The purpose of this panel is to assess the state of environmental cancer research, policy and programs addressing known and potential effects of environmental exposures on cancer. This report, entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now,” discusses the large and growing body of evidence linking cancer to environmental [...]

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The Dirty Little Secret About Dry Cleaning!

No one in the industry is willing to admit to the health hazards of solvent dry cleaning. Most dry cleaners clean your clothes with a solvent called perchloroethylene (PERC) which the State of California lists as a known carcinogen and reproductive toxicity. Others use alternative solvents and call themselves “Green or Organic”. Yet, studies have [...]

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Breast Cancer and the Relationship to Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Think of all the women you know and love, one in eight of those women will get breast cancer today as compared to one in twenty a generation ago. We think of breast cancer as a disease that only affect women but that’s not true, men can also develop breast cancer. A study of 1350 [...]

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It May Market Organic Alternatives, but Is Your Cleaner Really Greener?

In New York and around the country, dry-cleaning stores have increasingly sprouted signs reading “organic” or “green,” as environmentally conscious consumers look for alternatives to traditional dry cleaning and its use of the solvent perchloroethylene. Prolonged contact with that solvent, known as PCE or perc, has been linked in some studies to cancer and neurological [...]

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A Day of Health and Joy for Women

A Day of Health and Joy for Women, Presented by Women’s Cancer Awareness Group This is going to be a wonderful day to celebrate the health of women. It  is a day for women to find support whose lives have been touched by cancer; whether a survivor who is trying to take full advantage of [...]

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California Air Resources Board Report on Dry Cleaning Solvents

California Air Resources Board Dry Cleaning Notice 2009-2 November 2009 Alternative Solvents Used for Dry Cleaning Operations This information is not meant to be exhaustive as other solvents may also be available. More information on the alternatives may be found in our March 2008, Fact Sheet titled Dry Cleaning Alternative Solvents: Health and Environmental Impacts [...]

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Testimonial from Essential for Health

I have been a client of Pacific Heights Cleaners for 14 years. Two years ago, I started a nutrition practice in Mill Valley. My clients have many sensitivities including chemical sensitivities. Solvents used in dry cleaning are very irritating to clients with autoimmune disease, cancer, asthma, respiratory problems and other diseases. Many people have sensitivities [...]

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Drysolv is green cleaning?

Comment; Perk is NOT GREEN The only green dry cleaning solvent is Drysolv. Answer; We are not using Perc. We use an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved system referred to as Wet Clean. I’m sorry I don’t know were you got your miss information from. I’ve attached some information for you regarding Drysolv (n-propyl bromide) [...]

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How is Green Earth not environmentally friendly?

Question; How is Green Earth not environmentally friendly? How do you use water solely and claim to clean clothes thoroughly? What about the chemicals in soap- is that environmentally friendly? I heard that “wet cleaning” shrinks your clothes?  Uauh   Answer; Let me separate your questions and answer them one at a time.   Question [...]

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Testimonial from Anne Cabrinha

Most of my chronically sick patients have some type of chemical sensitivity and it is crucial that they eliminate these chemicals from their daily lives. Pacific Heights Cleaners is THE best place for my patients to go as many other “green” cleaners aren’t certified and still use toxic chemicals. Thank you Pacific Heights Cleaners– for [...]

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What Health Benefits are there to using a Green Dry Cleaner?

Despite the use of the Word “dry”, all cleaning processes use liquid solvents to clean garments. The problem is, some of the traditional solvents are highly toxic and not only risk the workers who are exposed to these chemicals every day, but also create a health risk for the customers who wear the garments that [...]

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Dry Cleaning Report by San Francisco Environment

Green Dry Clean! Eco-DryClean (wet clean) is a non toxic safe alternative to traditional solvent dry cleaning. San Francisco Environment a department of the City & County of San Francisco issued a report and ranking of dry cleaning solvents and there health effects (human and environmental)*. #1: Eco-DryClean- Consumers that use wet cleaning know that [...]

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