Changing an Industry!

Changing an Industry!

We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement; we are an established dry cleaner changing an industry!

Pacific Heights Cleaners goes to Germany. What’s a Eco Dry Cleaner doing going to Germany?

Believe it or not we were one of only six drycleaners in California invited to go to Germany to visit the factories of the Eco Dry Cleaning machines, pressing apparatus and cleaning solution manufacturers. Even though the machines and products are made in Germany, California leads the way in pioneering the change in the dry cleaning industry. We have more dedicated and successful Eco (wet clean) Dry Cleaners in California than anywhere in the world.

Our tour of Germany consisted of approximately 2000km in six days – thank goodness for the Autobahn! We visited three different companies: Veit (pressing apparatus), Miele Professional (cleaning machines), and Kreussler (cleaning solution manufacture) spanning from Munich to Hanover. We toured the factories and saw everything from how the equipment is made to the test labs of the cleaning solution manufactures. The Germans live up to their reputation of producing quality products. All three of the factories hand made their products one at a time. Along with the tours of the factories we got to meet with the movers and shakers of these companies to discuss the Eco Dry Cleaning method and industry. They wanted to learn as much from us as we wanted to learn from them, within our discussions they also want feedback from us on how they can modify their equipment and products to suit our needs.

The trip was short but a great learning experience. To see a different culture really opens your eyes and lets you see things from a different perspective. At one point I was driving on the Autobahn at 180kmh (approximately 115mph) when a car came up from behind flashing their high beams, signaling to pass. After letting them pass I turned to my colleague and said “isn’t this great!” my colleague replies “what?” I said “Just when you think you’re fast, someone is faster and just when you think you’re the best, someone is better!”

What a great trip!

May I dare say again;

We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement; we are an established dry cleaner changing an industry!

Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners

Service with Pride since 1969

The First Dry Cleaners to be Green Business Certified by San Francisco Environment and Bay Area Green Business Program Marin County. Using the Wet Clean environmentally safe dry cleaning system that is non toxic.

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