Drysolv is green cleaning?

Comment; Perk is NOT GREEN The only green dry cleaning solvent is Drysolv.

Answer; We are not using Perc. We use an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved system referred to as Wet Clean. I’m sorry I don’t know were you got your miss information from. I’ve attached some information for you regarding Drysolv (n-propyl bromide) and it’s health affects from the EPA.

Link to EPA’s site.  http://www.epa.gov/Ozone/snap/solvents/2007nPBRegsQA.html

What are the health effects of overexposure to nPB?
The following effects have been reported among workers with high exposures to nPB:

Studies on animals indicate a range of effects on the liver, nervous system, and the male and female reproductive systems.

You may wish to call Drysolv green but for me I’ll pass on that and all the other chemical solvents that has side effects, thank you.

Thanks for your comments.

Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners

San Francisco, Sausalito

The First Dry Cleaners to be Certified Green By San Francisco Environment and

The Bay Area Green Business Program Marin County.


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