How to remove blood stains using green products

Blood is a protein and can easily be removed with enzymes.

The enzymes take a long time to work so you must factor that into your process. Take your time and enjoy the process, it’s not a wham bang thank you mam type of product.

As always it is very important to test the color of the garment in a hidden area for color lost or fading. Use a white towel and apply some of the enzyme solution to the towel and dab hidden area. Only proceed if there is NO color transfer to the towel, DO NOT proceed if there is any color on the towel.

If the color is stable then apply the enzyme solution to the blood stain and let it set for a while occasionally tapping it with an old toothbrush to loosen up the blood and allowing the solution to penetrate. If the blood is not softening then repeat the process with more enzyme until you start to see results, but always keep in mind the sensitivity of the color. After the blood has softened proceed to either hand or machine wash the garment as usual. Keep in mind it may take hours or even a day or so for the enzyme to totally dissolve the blood.

If the color is not colorfast then determine the amount of color the garment will lose if you soak the entire garment. Generally it’s safer to soak a garment so the color loss will be even throughout. Use a small container and soak the entire garment in the enzyme solution. Keep the entire garment submerged and covered. Most enzymes work best at around 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit so keep it in a warm place for several hours or a day. Then check the stain and wash a usual.

If in doubt consult your professional dry cleaner for advice or email us.

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