How Do I Wash My Pottery Barn Cotton Linen Curtains?

Question: How Do I Wash My Pottery Barn Cotton Linen Curtains?

Hi Jen,
Here are some things to keep in mind before washing your curtains.
Basic Information:

Curtains often are damaged by sun light. Either directly or indirectly. Often this damage is undetectable on white curtains.

Products need for this project:



Creating the Cleaning Solution:

To remove the aged yellow stains, we will soak the curtain in a non chlorine bleach  (OxiClean, OxoBright, Borax) solution for several hours (3-4) to eliminate the stains. On color a curtain check for colorfastness before soaking. Soaking curtains in a non chlorine
bleach solution for an extended period (24 + hours) may cause color damage and
weaken the material. Due to the size it is best to clean the curtains one at a time.

Create a soaking solution for the washing machine.


Cleaning and Rinse:




Karl Huie

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