How to Remove a Blood Stain from a Rayon Throw Blanket.

How to Remove a Blood Stain from a Rayon Throw Blanket.

Rayon is a fiber that’s manufactured from wood pulp. Some rayon’s are colorfast and some are not, some will shrink and other won’t. Excess agitation will always cause the rayon to pill and have a fuzzy look on the surface of the material. It’s important to test each garment in a hidden are to ensure satisfactory results.

Blood is a protein stain that can be easily removed when fresh with a little water or club soda. Once the blood has dried then a product will be necessary to help lift the blood stain from the rayon material.

Choice of Products: Laundry Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia and Borax.

Fresh Blood Stain: blot with a wet white towel followed by a dry white towel. Repeat several times to remove all of the blood stain.

Dried Blood Stain: create a spotting solution with 1 part laundry detergent and 5 parts water.

Stubborn Dried Blood Stain: Hydrogen Peroxide* or Ammonia**

Hydrogen Peroxide:

*Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that will remove color. Test in a hidden area before use.

Ammonia: crate a spotting solution with 1 part household ammonia 1 part laundry detergent and 10 parts water.

** Ammonia is a high alkaline product that will remove color. Test in a hidden area before use.

Ultra Stubborn Dried Blood Stains: create a soaking solution with Borax and water per instructions.

When done with the stain removal process, always clean the entire garment as recommended by the care label. Cleaning the garment will remove any reminisce of the stain. Never leave garments unclean after using spotting or cleaning products. Over time the spotting agent can discolor, or yellow, and weaken the material.

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