How to remove a chocolate stain from a Rayon Suit Skirt.

How to remove a chocolate stain from a Rayon Suit Skirt.

You break your diet and sneak a piece of chocolate, OK a few pieces of chocolate. But it was all worth it except you dropped a small piece and created a chocolate stain.


DO NOT LICK IT UP! I know it’s a waste of chocolate. DO NOT WET* the chocolate stain at any point in this process.


Rayon is a manufactured fiber derived from wood pulp. Excessive scraping or scrubbing will cause the rayon to scuff and pill (fuzz balls).


Step One; With your fingers pick off as much of the chocolate stain as possible without smearing the chocolate or imbedding it deeper into the fabric.


Step Two; Take the garment and put it into the freezer** and freezing the remaining chocolate stain until it is hard, approximately 30-45 minutes.


Step Three; Remove the garment from the freezer and continue to pick off the remainder of the chocolate stain from the wool.


Step Four; Use a toothbrush to brush off the residue chocolate stain remaining from step three.


Step Five; repeat steps two – four over if necessary.


*Wetting the chocolate stain will cause the butter oil and sugars to dissolve and penetrate into the weave of the fiber making it much more difficult to remove.

**Freezing it will remove the moisture from the chocolate as well as hardening it.


That’s how to remove a chocolate stain from rayon without much of a fuss.


Seek professional help with your specific garment if necessary. If you have a good relationship with your green dry cleaners they will be more than happy to help you with stain removal questions.



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