How to Remove a Marinara Sauce Stain from a Blouse.

How to Remove a Marinara Sauce Stain from a Blouse.

It is next to impossible to eat pasta with a marinara sauce and not get some on yourself. No matter how hard I try. When I’m done with my plate and I look down and there it is a few specks on my shirt or pants, some on the placemat not to mention what the napkin look like. Tomato base stains are among some of the more difficult stains to remove. So be patient as it may take several attempts before achieving success. And treat the stains soon that later as it will set over time.

Test the color of the garment in a hidden area with the spotting solution of choice to see if it’s colorfast.

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar and Dawn Dishwashing Liquid:

  1. 1.    Create a spotting solution with 1 part dishwashing liquid, 3 parts distilled white vinegar, and 3 parts water.

  1. 2.    For a small area apply the solution directly to the marinara sauce stain. For a large area soak the entire stained garment in the solution.

  1. 3.    Let the solution penetrate for 15-20 minutes.

  1. 4.    Launder as normal.

If we are not achieving the results desired, then switch to a stronger product.

BioKleen Bac-Out Enzyme Stain Remover:

  1. 1.    Apply enzyme stain remover directly to the marinara sauce stain.

  1. 2.    Let it penetrate for 1-2 hours, re apply if it starts to dry out.

  1. 3.    Launder as normal.

Soaking the entire garment in the enzyme is a good idea for large stains or to prevent color loss from a specific area. Soak for several hours or overnight.

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