How to remove a salad oil stain

Salads are great for your health and figure but the oil stains are terrible for your image. As opposed to an oily cheese hamburger and fries which is bad for you and your image. Both oil stains can be handled in the same manner.

What can you do about that oil stain, you’ve tried washing it but the stain is still there. You’ve even pre-treated it with some stuff you bought at the store and that didn’t do a thing. So what’s the problem? Why is the oil not coming out?
Laundry detergents and mild soaps are not strong enough to remove oils. General spotting stuff is usually a mild alkaline base product which is also not strong enough. In the commercial world a high alkaline product is used to strip oils and food stains.

What we are going to use is a degreaser. Liquid dish washing soap is a great oil remove because it’s designed to remove oils from your dishes. There are other degreaser products on the market made from natural citrus based material, but I start with this one because it’s readily available.

Always evaluate the stain, color and material before proceeding. If the color is sensitive or the material is delicate you must modify your technique.

Step One; Depending on the color, material and severity of the stain will depend on how much and what concentration of soap you will use. The more sensitive the color and material the weaker the concentration. Dilute the soap with water to create the solution you desire and apply it to the oil stain.

Step Two; If the color and material will withstand it, lightly tap it with a toothbrush and let it rest a few minutes otherwise just let it rest without any agitation.

Step Three; Rinse area thoroughly with fresh water.

Step four; if necessary repeat steps one – Three and increase strength of solution until the stain is removed or switch to a stronger degreaser.

Remember to always evaluated color and material. Test for color bleeding in a hidden area of the garment before proceeding with stain removal. Rubbing and scrubbing can cause color lost or the material to shift and give a different appearance.

Eating well is not so difficult and hiding the fact you are eating bad is easy.

Seek professional help if necessary. If you have a good relationship with your cleaners they will be more than happy to help you with stain removal questions.

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