How to Remove Chocolate Stains.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains.

You break your diet and sneak a piece of chocolate, OK a few pieces of chocolate. But it was all worth it except you dropped a little piece.

How are you going to remove that stain?

Evaluate the stain, color and material of item before starting.  In this case you know it’s chocolate. Break that down to Coco, Milk Protein, Butter Fat and Sugars. Let’s assume the color and material is stable and will withstand some agitation. If the color or material is sensitive the scraping and brushing will cause color lose, texture change and the fiber to shift resulting in a change of appearance.

DO NOT WET the chocolate at any point in this process between steps one to five. Freezing it will remove the moisture from the chocolate as well as hardening it. Wetting the chocolate will cause the butter oil and sugars to dissolve and penetrate into the weave of the fiber making it much more difficult to remove. If you are going to wash the item then you can skip freezing it, step two to five. Start with step one then skip to step six.

Step One; With your fingers pick off as much of the chocolate as possible without smearing it or imbedding it deeper into the fabric. Use a knife or something sharp if the material is smooth or the chocolate is soft.

Step Two; Take the item and put it into the freezer and freeze the remaining chocolate until it is hard, approximately 30 minutes.


Step Three; Remove the item from the freezer and continue to scrape off the remainder of the chocolate.

Step Four; Use a toothbrush to brush off what is remaining from step three.

Step Five; repeat steps two – four over if necessary.


Residual if any: Create a spotting solution of 1part laundry soap and 5parts water.

Step Six; Apply a small amount directly to the chocolate residual.

Step Seven; Tamp (tap) with a toothbrush.

Step Eight; Blot with a wet white towel followed by a dry white towel.

Remember to always evaluated color and material. Test for color bleeding in a hidden area of the garment before proceeding with stain removal. Using a white towel apply a small amount of the solution onto the towel and dab a hidden area of the garment. If color transfers to the towel re-evaluate the use of the product and technique. Rubbing and scrubbing can cause excess color lost.

Finish by cleaning the entire item as recommended by the care label.

Seek professional help if necessary. If you have a good relationship with your green dry cleaners they will be more than happy to help you with stain removal questions.

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