How to remove shiny seams

Question; Is it possible to reduce / remove shiny seam lines on a polyester blazer after it’s been dry cleaned? Garment is lined and has a soft sheen to the fabric.

Answer; It depends on what caused the sheen. I know you said it was there after dry cleaning but was it caused by the dry cleaner press it to hard or was it caused by rubbing.

If the sheen is caused by the dry cleaner pressing the garment to hard than it can be removed. The material is thicker at the seams and the hard pressing smashed it which is causing the seam to show creating seam lines and a sheen. Take the garment back to the dry cleaner and ask them to fix it, they should know how to do it. If they don’t than this is what they need to do: apply steam to the seam from the inside of the garment outward this will lift and soften the material. After they steam out all the seams it helps to re clean the garment and re steam again lightly brushing it with you hand. DO NOT HARD PRESS. This technique should remove most if not all of the seen caused by the hard pressing.

If the sheen that appears on the garment is caused by a rubbing action than it is permanent. The rubbing has worn off the nap of the material; the friction from the rubbing has made the material smooth so now it looks shinny. Whether the rubbing is from a purse swinging as you walk, you rubbing with your hands such as putting them in your pocket or rubbing because it was over tumbled in the dry cleaning machine it doesn’t matter it’s still permanent.

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