Green washing is everywhere (literally), as you drive down the street every other business is claiming to be green and environmental friendly.

How do you know if they really are or they are just claiming it?

The San Francisco Bay Area has developed a Green Business Program to create guidelines for businesses in a particular industry become  green certified. Each county within the bay area has developed it’s own requirement needed for a particular industry.

Pacific Height Cleaners has helped The San Francisco Department of Environment and the Bay Area Green Business Program Marin County develop this certification for the dry cleaning industry. We spent an endless amount of time providing information and data, giving them demonstrations of the different processes, samples of all different types of products and stain removal chemicals used within a dry cleaner for the individual offices to evaluate. Only after extensive research by these offices and there toxicology departments has a category been developed for the dry cleaning industry.

San Francisco was the last county to create a certification. Now that every county in the bay area  has a green certification for dry cleaners, ask your dry cleaner, if they are green certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program. If they are not certified by this program then the chances are they are not really green. At this time there are no other organization certifying dry cleaners.


Pacific Heights Cleaners

“We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement,

we are an established dry cleaner changing a industry.”

Your Green Certified Dry Cleaner proudly leading the way in garment care today – and into a healthy future.

Dry cleaning with the Wet Clean system which is a non toxic environmentally friendly EPA approved system.

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