What is the difference between a suit for a man and a suit for a woman?

There are distinct differences between men and women suits and we are not talking about style, material or fit.

A suit for a man is purchased together as a single unit. Even if you break the legs of the salesman at the department store they will not break up a suit for you. They are made as one unit therefore they must be sold as one unit. The lot of fabric used to cut the jacket is the same lot of fabric use to cut the pant. What this does is guarantee you that the material, color and weight of material are identical. For men you can’t mix and match the suit to get it to fit better, you’re forced to purchase the suit and alter were needed to make it fit properly.

It is extremely important to wear and clean the suit together to keep the color and material the same throughout the life of the suit. Let’s imagine it’s a hot day and you only wear the pant and not the jacket. What you’re doing is exposing the pant to sunlight, dirt and perspiration among other thing in the environment that will cause wear and fading. Regular wear as such over time this will cause the color and texture of the pant to be different than the jacket and look like a miss match set. Remember always wear and clean the suit together!

A suit for a woman is much different than a suit for a man. A suit for a women is sold as separate pieces; you can buy a size 4 pant or skirt and a size 6 jacket or an entirely different color top and bottom. Even when they are sold together most of the time they are not cut from the same lot of fabric like the suit for a man. There is not much you can do about that but still keep in mind to wear and clean the suit together to keep the color and material as similar as possible.

Helpful Tip; Materials will age and colors will fade at a different rate depending on the exposure to the elements. Regardless of the material or color it is important to wear all the pieces of the suit together as much as possible and to clean all the pieces together even if you did not wear a particular piece. This will help to keep the material and color matching as much as possible for as long as possible.

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