What Causes Yellow Perspiration Stains

What most of us don’t realize is that perspiration contains chloride salts which will cause a lot of damage it not handled properly. The salts will discolor or change the color of a dark colored garment. Often a black garment with perspiration stains will change in color from the original black to a purple color. On light color garment the salts will cause the fabric to yellow. A beige color blouse with perspiration stains will often have unknown yellowing stains. These stains are often found in the underarm, around the collar, on the back and crotch/seat of the garment. That’s only the beginning of the problems the chloride salts can cause. The salt will deteriorate the material and cause it to fall apart with a little agitation.

Chloride salts are not only found in perspiration it is also found in foods and beverages. They affect all types of dyes and materials, the most affected materials are silk, rayon and cotton.

These are some of the reasons why dry cleaners regularly preach to anyone and everyone that will listen (just like a Jehovah’s witness preaches) and even to people that don’t listen (again like a Jehovah’s witness) about how important it is to regularly clean your garments, especially before you store it away.

Unfortunately traditional dry cleaning in a solvent doesn’t remove this type of stain because chloride salt is a water soluble type stain. This is were Eco Dry Clean (Wet Clean) will offer a much better results than traditional dry cleaning. Even washing your garment, if material allows, will remove more of these salts than traditional dry cleaning.

The important point to remember is that these salts need to be removed on a regular basis before it has time to cause damage. That means professionally clean or wash your own garments after a few wearing or every few months if not worn regularly. Leaving the chloride salts on the garment for a long period of time will cause the aforementioned damages.

Take care of your garments and they will keep you looking nicer longer and provide you more enjoyment. To quote my friend Bianca Stark-Falcone from Well Dressed a Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Shopper “you are at your best when you are well dressed”.

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