San Francisco Environment Dry Clean Workshop

August 23, 2009


San Francisco Environment held a workshop to inform all the dry cleaners in the city and county of San Francisco of the health and environmental dangers of dry cleaning with the various solvent on the market as well as the regulation for those respective solvents. Our role in this workshop was to inform and answer question from the attending dry cleaners related to the green dry cleaning process. The event was well attended, approximately 80 attendees from dry cleaners along with bank and equipment representative, other green dry cleaners and city, county and state officials.


The green dry cleaning process known with in the industry as Wet Clean is an approved alternative system by the California Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resource Board, Pollution Prevention Center Occidental College, San Francisco Environment and Sausalito Sustainability Commission. This system cleans clothes without the use of chemical solvents such as Perc, Hydrocarbon or Silicon. It uses a non toxic environmentally friendly soap and water base cleaning solution that can be disposed of down the drain and easily handled by the city and county municipal waste management district.


In the days following the workshop a demonstration of the green dry cleaning process was held at our Sausalito store – Pacific Heights Cleaners, Sausalito – which was also well attended by approximately 25 of the dry cleaners. The event went smoothly with the attendees extremely interested to see the process. Many questions were asked and answered and all had a first had look at how the clothes were cleaned and how a dry cleaning plant was operated using the green system.


Hopefully some were interested enough to take the next step which it get trained in the new system and order the new machinery.


Stay tuned for updates.

Pacific Heights Cleaners

Sausalito, San Francisco

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