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How to Remove Ravioli Sauce Stains from a Skirt.

How to Remove Ravioli Sauce Stains from a Skirt.   Ravioli’s date back to the 14th Century in letters written by some guy named Francesco di Marco, however if a ravioli stain is that old my best educated guess would be it’s permanent. So don’t even try to remove the stain because you will damage [...]

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How to Remove Red Wine from a Silk Blanket.

Always evaluate the stain, color and material before proceeding. If the color is sensitive or the material is delicate you must modify your technique. Test for Color Bleeding. Dilute one part soap with ten parts water to create a solution to test for color bleeding in a hidden area. Apply the solution to a white [...]

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Techniques Used For Stain Removal And Cleaning.

SHRINKAGE Shrinkage occurs in many different forms from the fibers contracting in size to the hairs curling giving the appearance of a shrunken size. Then there is the little tricks manufactures play to extend the amount of material by artificially stretching it before they process, finish and cut the material. When this material is cleaned [...]

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