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How Do I Prevent Getting Stains On My Clothes?

How to Prevent Staining My Clothes? Tips of the Day….For Personal Care…. Take care of all personal beauty and hygiene before getting dressed. Many product will stain or cause damage to dyes and materials. Hair Spray and Hair Gel: Hair products that are created to hold your hair in place have a glue like effect on your [...]

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How to Remove Red Wine from a Silk Blanket.

Always evaluate the stain, color and material before proceeding. If the color is sensitive or the material is delicate you must modify your technique. Test for Color Bleeding. Dilute one part soap with ten parts water to create a solution to test for color bleeding in a hidden area. Apply the solution to a white [...]

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How to Remove Red Wine from a Cotton Bed Pillow.

Testing 1-2-3: Test the color in a hidden area with soap and water to see if it’s colorfast. 1.      Apply a small amount of distilled white vinegar directly onto the stain and let it rest for a few minutes. 2.      Blot off with a wet towel followed by a dry towel. 3.      If the stain [...]

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Eco Salon on Eco Dry Cleaning

An on line green magazine Eco Salon publishes an article on Eco Dry Cleaning. In the article are tips on how to care for your garments.   Here’s the link   Karl Pacific Heights Cleaners, Sausalito & San Francisco, your non toxic alternative. Marin’s 1st & Best Certified Green Dry C

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