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What is the GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Solvent?

Question: What is GreenEarth Dry Clean? Is this different than what you use and is it better or not as good for the environment than what you use?   Answer: GreenEarth is a D5 silicones made from sand. Does that make it safe? In an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study GreenEarth D5 did cause cancer in lab [...]

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Fabricare 2012 – California Dry Clean Convention

The FABRICARE Show in Long Beach CA is the dry cleaning convention for our great state of California,  held every other year in July at the Long Beach Convention Center. Although it’s considered the California convention it is one of the premier conventions following the national convention. There were venders and attendees from around the [...]

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How the Wet Clean System works.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgxR4GWthjk&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]   From the beginning to end see what happens to your clothes in a Wet Cleaner (Dry Cleaner). Experience the non toxic alternative to solvent dry cleaning. And what  it encompasses to become a Certified Green Dry Cleaner by the Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Environment.

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