reusable laundry bag

Reusable Garment Bag

  This is the laundry bag you can receive if you don’t want to take home the plastic bag. It works as a laundry bag and a bag to cover your clothes in   Pacific Heights Cleaners, Sausalito & San Francisco, your non toxic alternative Marin’s 1st & Best Certified Green Dry Cleaner

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Reusable Polypropylene Garment Bag

Be fantastic… use less plastic! Be eco-friendly! The Green Garmento is a “hanging hamper” and a laundry bag! The Green Garmento is a duffel bag and a carrying bag! The Green Garmento holds all of your drycleaning! The green Garmento is a hanging garment bag! Phone number: 866-681-6659 California phone number: 323-512-2600 Email: help@the Website: [...]

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