Ten Tips to Updating Your Style On a Budget!

Ten Tips to Updating Your Style On a Budget!


Clear the closet Clutter: only keep what you love, looks
fabulous and fits great. Let go of
outdated pieces they bring you and your entire wardrobe down.

Examine, try on and decide on each
piece: clean it up,
iron, de-lint, and de-snag. A few pristine
pieces are superior to a closet full of threadbare items.

Small Changes, Big Reward:

New buttons,      43946-NEROAR_jpg[1]                   altered fit, and the tweak of a collar or hem can dramatically change a
garment. Refreshing what you already own
can be a great alternative to buying new things.

Plan, Plan, Plan! : create a list after your wardrobe inventory, you’ll know exactly what
you need and won’t be as tempted to spend frivolously!

Upgrade with quality: upgrade your entire look with a printed skirt, a structured
blouse, or a show piece jacket.

Accessorize!: a fabulous bag, a classy belt or a stunning pump are the key to polishing your look and creating individual style.
Trust your eye: Invest in superior material and a perfect
fit, not name brands.

Experiment with Mix and Match: Play with combining your investment pieces with your
budget pieces to create new looks.

Streamline your color pallet: so it is easy to create a number of great looks with
only a few good pieces.

10. Impeccable Grooming: nails, hair, and
skin is essential to a polished look and only costs some extra effort!

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Mill Valley, California, United States

Owner of Well Dressed, a wardrobe consulting company. Specializing in Style Consultation, Wardrobing, Personal Shopping and Travel Packing www.bwelldressed.com

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