Testimonial from Christy M.

Best. Cleaners. Ever. Hands down.

Very quick, reliable, reasonable, and, in these globally warmer times, GREEN!!

I have relied on these cleaners for….. 10 years? Longer probably. They are very friendly and keep customers in a computer database to make keeping track of your items easier. I’ve never been so sloppy as to get a stain on my clothes that they haven’t been able to get out!

Also they are very quick and good on their tailoring. A friend of mine had a dress that needed a little stitching reinforcement work. I told her to go to Pacific Heights Cleaners (formerly Sunshine). She dropped the dress off at 3PM and picked it up at 6PM the same day, just in time to wear the dress to a cocktail party that evening.

Fast, clean, pressed, green-treated clothing and service with a smile. What could be better?


Christy M., San Francisco

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