Testimonial from Essential for Health

I have been a client of Pacific Heights Cleaners for 14 years. Two years ago, I started a nutrition practice in Mill Valley. My clients have many sensitivities including chemical sensitivities. Solvents used in dry cleaning are very irritating to clients with autoimmune disease, cancer, asthma, respiratory problems and other diseases. Many people have sensitivities to these chemicals and are not aware of it and their dangers. Since Pacific Heights Cleaners has removed all of these chemicals, my clients can feel safe having there clothes cleaned there. Not only are their clothes safe to wear, but the quality of the wok is exquisite. I have a beautiful 70 year old bedspread from Italy that my grandfather gave to my mom that needed cleaning but I was afraid it would be ruined. I brought it to Pacific Heights Cleaners to be cleaned and it came out beautifully. I recommend them not only for the cleaning of your clothes and your treasured items but also for your health.


Willie Victor

Essentials for Health

Nutrition Consultant




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