Testimonial from K.S.

Wow!!! Green Dry Cleaning. I’ve been using them for years, they offer a great value for the service and quality they provide. I have always been worried about dry cleaning my clothes with chemicals but since I have to dress well for work there was no choice. Since they offer green dry cleaning I’m a customer for life. From what I was told they don’t use any hazardous chemicals and it is environmentally safe. I just recently learned that their Sausalito store which is also call Pacific Heights Cleaners is the first and only dry cleaners to be green certified in Marin.
In these times of chemical awareness why would any one knowingly wear clothes that have been cleaned with chemicals (toxic or not). Its a great feeling to know that what I just got back from the cleaners won’t kill me. It doesn’t have any  chemical smell and it feels clean.
Why aren’t all cleaners doing this, we should applaud them for being first and we should demand it from other business to do the same.


K.S., Tiburon



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