What is the GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Solvent?

Question: What is GreenEarth Dry Clean?

Is this different than what you use and is it better or not as good for the environment than what you use?


Answer: GreenEarth is a D5 silicones made from sand. Does that make it safe?

In an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study GreenEarth D5 did cause cancer in lab mice, the company “GreenEarth” claims that this type of mice always gets cancer and its not dangerous for humans. Also the Union of Concerned Scientists reported that the manufacturing of D5 uses chlorine which generates and releases a harmful dioxin into the atmosphere. It was explained to me by Peter Sinsheimer of the UCLA Sustainable Technology & Policy Program that D5 is very similar to D4 with one molecular change and that D4 is highly toxic.

GreenEarth is not remotely similar to Wet Clean. This is the certified green and sustainable system that we use. Wet Clean is certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Department of Environment. The Wet Clean system uses water as the base for creating our dry cleaning solution. The solution used in Wet Clean is composed of a hypoallerginic soap and conditioner. This solution is disposed of into the municipal water district without any effects to our environment.

Is GreenEarth harmful to our health or the environment???…You have the facts…I leave that up to you to decide.


Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito is your
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We are San Francisco and Marin’s 1st Certified Green Dry Cleaner by

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Your non toxic dry cleaning alternative serving you with an EPA approved Eco Dry Clean (Wet Clean) System that is safe for your health and is environmentally friendly.


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