Where in India is eco dry cleaning practiced?

Question; i wanted to know that where in India is eco friendly dry cleaning practised.



Answer; The simplest form of eco dry cleaning is done on the banks of the river Ganga. Anyone and everyone cleaning there silk sari’s on the Ganga is using a simple form of green dry cleaning.


As far back as I can remember there has been a company in the United State capitalizing on this simple form of eco dry cleaning, they presented it as hand washing your delicate garment with Woolite.


It is only in modern society that we have invented and relied on solvents. Granted that solvents have made dry cleaning a lot simpler and easier for all of us to understand and use. Like all products and systems there are positives and negatives and it is up to the individual to decide witch is better for them.


Eco Dry Cleaning is a sophisticate and technical version of hand washing your silks and wools using modern technology to protect colors and prevent shrinkage. This system is an alternative for those who don’t wish to have so many solvents in there lives (see “How is Green Earth not environmentally friendly?”). Museums around the world have used these practices to clean and restore artifacts and textiles in preparation for display or preservation. 



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