How often should I clean my bedding?

Often I am asked the question; How often should I clean by bedding?

A lot depends on the type of bedding and how you use it. Top and bottom sheets along with the pillow cases should be washed every one to two weeks. If they are decorative cases then they can go longer between washing or dry cleaning. Duvets should always be used with a duvet cover unless you have a sheet between the duvet and yourself. The washing/cleaning frequency will depend on weather the cover comes into contact with your skin. This will range from one to two weeks like the sheets to once a month or two.

Blankets like duvets should always be used with a sheet separating yourself and the blanket and can be cleaned every few months.

The duvet itself within the duvet cover or decorative comforter, spread and pillow covers only need to be cleaned once year or season.

The reasoning behind how often you clean bedding or anything for that matter is to remove body oils, dirt from the environment, odors and perspiration. That is also the reasoning behind using a sheet to separate you and the outer covers and washing the sheet on a regular basis. If these foreign matters are left on for an extended period of time it may cause discoloration, yellowing, odors or just unsightly dirt buildup. Often dirt build up in not 100% removable due to the fact that the dirt has been ground to deep into the weave of the fiber and has aged.

Things to remember;

Keep light off the bedding; this includes direct and indirect light. A bright room or even a light from a light bulb will cause discoloring or soften the color and when you do wash/clean it the color will fade, often in streaks or blotches.

Dust and dirt in the air settling on the bedding will also cause discoloring.

Body oils especially from your neck can cause discoloring, yellowing and grimy dirt buildup not to mention the odor.

Any stains on the bedding should be removed immediately and bedding should be washed/cleaned. Stains left on for an extended period of time will age, cause yellowing, discoloration and be permanent. So eating in bed is not advised.

Keep pens away from the bedding. It is extremely difficult to remove ink from anything let alone bedding. That means do your office work on your desk not on your bed.

Three percent shrinkage when washing is acceptable within the textile industry. Keep that in mind before wash a spread or duvet. Three percent of ninety inches (queen size) is 2 3/4 inches.


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