Dry Cleaning Convention “Clean Show” in Las Vegas 2011

The Clean Show in Las Vegas is the national convention for our industry of dry cleaners. It is held biannually with attendees from around the country and world. This year I spoke with people from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and even Italy.

Many of the shows attendees came to see the Wet Clean system, this is the non toxic-solvent free system that is the alternative to traditional Perchloroethylene (PERC) dry cleaning. The Wet Clean system uses a water base cleaning solution comprised of a natural soap and conditioner, it contains no hazardous cleaning agents, dyes, or perfumes, making the products hypoallergenic. At the moment Wet Clean is the only dry cleaning system that is recognized as a green environmentally safe system by organizations such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.E.P.A.), California Air Resource Board (CARB), Bay Area Green Business Program, Occidental College Pollution Prevention Center, and UCLA  Sustainable Technology & Policy Program.

We were invited by the major manufactures of the Wet Cleaning system, Meile and Veit to attend the dry cleaning convention to represent the system from the dry cleaners persepctive. We were not asked to sell any equipment or product, only to answer question from dry cleaner shop owner’s interest in the Wet Clean system. And the amount of interest was intense with a constant flow of attendees visiting both the Miele and Veit booths from open to close of the convention. The questions varied from “why is the washer and dryer drum shape different?” to “I am not getting the proper production out of my plant, what am I doing wrong?” At times it felt like we were giving mini seminars to help our fellow wet cleaners efficiently use there equipment.

All in all it was an extremely successful dry clean or shall I say for us a Wet Clean convention. Las Vegas is great fun, albeit exhausting.


Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito is providing you with a non toxic alternative to traditional Perchloroethylene (PERC) dry cleaning. We are proudly leading the way in garment care today and into a healthy future.


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