Dry Cleaning Report by San Francisco Environment

Green Dry Clean!

Eco-DryClean (wet clean) is a non toxic safe alternative to traditional solvent dry cleaning.

San Francisco Environment a department of the City & County of San Francisco issued a report and ranking of dry cleaning solvents and there health effects (human and environmental)*.

#1: Eco-DryClean- Consumers that use wet cleaning know that the clothes they send to the cleaners do not return home with any chemicals that might be harmful to themselves or their families. In addition the detergents can be odorless, biodegradable and non-toxic. A study done of the wastewater leaving a wet cleaning plant showed that water going down to the sewage and hence the ocean is virtually free of toxins.

#2: Hydrocarbon - One of the most alarming aspects of the hydrocarbon solvents, like the Exxon manufactured DF-2000™, is the great lack of toxicity data.However, inhalation exposure can depress the central nervous system, may cause headaches, dizziness, anesthesia, drowsiness, unconsciousness and other central nervous system effects, including death. Furthermore, these chemicals pose significant fire hazards given that they are all flammable liquids.

#3: GreenEarth® - Siloxane or D5 tends to migrate to fat cells. Preliminary studies suggest a possible cancer hazard associated with this solvent. Studies done with rats have linked D5 with an increase in uterine tumors also known to aggravate liver disorders as well as cause liver weight changes. Furthermore, D5 is flammable, should the solvent ignite and start a fire one of the resulting products is formaldehyde, which is an acute respiratory and nervous system toxicant and cancer hazard.

#4: Perchloroethylene – Perc is listed by the state of California as a chemical known to cause cancer (bladder, stomach, esophageal, intestinal and pancreatic cancers) and reproductive toxicity. Reproductive effects such as infertility and spontaneous abortions have been reported from occupational exposure to perc. Long-term exposure can result in neurological effects, such as dizziness and diminished cognitive ability, as well as damage to the liver and kidneys. High levels of exposure in enclosed spaces, even for short periods of time, can cause respiratory failure and even death.

Ask your dry cleaner what type of process they are using.

*to read the full report visit S.F. environment at http://sfenvironment.org/downloads/library/dry_cleaning_fact_sheet_081308.pdf

or access the link through our web sites eco facts page.

Karl Huie

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A certified green dry cleaner by the Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Environment.

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