DryClean and Washing Symbols


What does all those symbols on your graments care tag mean?

Here is a chart that list the most common symbols and what they mean:

The yellow Bucket symbol represent hand washing. The lines under the bucket indicates how delicate of a wash cycle needed. The Dots are for water temperature, the more dots the hotter the water. The X over the bucket means NO washing. And the X over the twisted looking symbol stands for no spin cycle.

The green Triangle symbol represent bleaching. The X over the triangle means no bleach. Bleach only removes color, it does not remove the stain. Bleach is also bad for your health and the environment so try to avoid it if possible.

The blue Square symbol represent the drying. The Lines under the square indicates how delicate of dry cycles needed. The Dots indicate air temperature, the more dots the hotter the cycle. The Following Four Boxes and the Two Squares with the X indicate air dry, drip dry,no dryer and so on, if they have these symbol I suggest you hand dry the garment.

The light blue Iron symbol represent ironing. The Dots indicate the temperature of the iron. The X over the iron means DO NOT IRON.

The green Circle represents dry cleaning. The 3 Letters (A,P,F) call for a specific solvent. The little Bars all over the circle indicate the type of cycle. The X indicates no dry cleaning. But all this is for us to know.

If you are unsure of anything, error on the safer side. That means cold water, hand wash, no bleach – mild soap, hang to dry, cool iron.

Consult your professional dry cleaner for advice on garment and textiles that you have never handled.

Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners

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