Free Certified Green Dry Cleaning!

July Special

Free Certified Green Dry Cleaning:

Free certified green dry cleaning offer coming to an end on July 31, 2012


Simply make a donation to the Marine Mammal Center via our charity bike ride site on or before July 31, 2012 to receive a gift certificate of the same amount as the donation for certified green dry cleaning at Pacific Heights Cleaners in the mail (limit $200.00).


Our Marine Mammals are our counter parts in our oceans, without them, our own existence may be threatened.

Sponsor us as we ride the 95 mile “Grand Fondo” Palo Alto bike ride to raise awareness and support for the Marine Mammal Center. A mere $10.00 will provide a meal for a rescued seal patient at the center.

The center rescues marine mammals for a variety of reasons. Some are injured, while others are harmed by human interaction or hazards, and many are simply separated from their mothers. The mammals rescued are immediately off our shores of California, ranging from Mendocino County in the north to San Luis Obispo in the south. Since their inception, the volunteer staff has rescued and treated over 17,000 seals, sea lions, dolphins, harbor porpoises and more in their hospital facility.

The center provides education and communicate a sense of responsibility of the connection between the marine environment and ourselves. Each year they reach out to over 30,000 children and adults.

Your Help Counts, Make a Difference, Make a Donation!

Make a donation by July 31, 2012 via this link and receive a gift certificate of the same value to Pacific Heights Cleaners:;clear=1

Thank you to everyone for supporting us and the Marine Mammal Center. The Sea Lions, Seals, and the team at Pacific Heigths Cleaners greatly appreciate it.

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