How to Remove a Salad Dressing Stain from a Robe

How to Remove a Salad Dressing Stain from a Robe

There are many different types of salad dressings. Cesar (my favorite), Italian, Thousand Island, Ranch, or Blue Cheese is the most common. As with many other types of salad dressing they all have one common link, they are oil based. Oil creates lubrication between the stain and the material. Once we remove the oil the rest of the ingredient will lift along with it. Oil based stains can be easily removed with a good oil remover.


What is an oil remover you ask?


Dawn Dishwashing Liquid is a great oil remover because it’s readily available and designed to remove oils from your dishes. We use Dawn in our stores because it works well.



Simple Green is a stronger degreaser.


Remember to always evaluated color and material. Test for color bleeding in a hidden area of the garment before proceeding with stain removal. Using a white towel apply a small amount of the solution onto the towel and dab a hidden area of the garment. If color transfers to the towel re-evaluate the use of the product and technique. Rubbing and scrubbing can cause excess color lost.


Finish by cleaning the entire item as recommended by the care label.


Seek professional help if necessary. If you have a good relationship with your green dry cleaners they will be more than happy to help you with stain removal questions.



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