How to Remove a Vomit Stain.

How to Remove a Vomit Stain.

Vomit is composed of bile, mucus and albumin that is extremely acidic in the pH scale which will age and set rapidly. Vomit is a water soluble stain which means that traditional solvent dry cleaning will not remove the stain or smell. If the vomit is on a dry clean only garment then you will need to find a professional dry cleaner that uses the wet clean process to remove the stain.


If the stain is fresh it will wash out with a little soap and water without much effort, if the stain has dried and set for a long period of time then that’s a different story.


Vaska Laundry Detergent and an Enzyme stain remover by Earth Friendly Products – Everyday Stain & Odor Remover:


An aged vomit stains will need a lot of extra help in the form of an enzyme and possibly some physical scrubbing effort from you. A good enzyme will remove all of the visual stain and smell.


Bio Kleen Bac-Out: Enzyme stain remover


If you are uncertain on how to handle a certain type of material then consult your professional dry cleaner.




Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito is your non-toxic alternative, proudly leading the way in garment care today – and into a healthy future.



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How to Remove a Vomit Stain.

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