How to Remove Milk Stains from Wool.

How to Remove Milk Stains from Wool.


General Info: Wool is a natural fiber derived from animal hairs. Using excessively high heat, agitation, and alkaline products will cause the hairs to curl crating shrinkage, felting, and tightening of the weave. Most dyes on wool are stable but it’s always best to test for color fastness before proceeding with any stain removal. Unprocessed wool has natural oils that will repel liquid stains. Often these oils are stripped off during the manufacturing process.


How to test for colorfastness: Take the stain removal product and apply small amount to a white towel. Take that wet are on the towel and blot a hidden area of the garment to see if color transfers over to the white towel.

First step: You can easily blot off a fresh milk stain with a dry white towel as soon as it happens. Follow that by blotting it with a wet white towel, and then again with a dry white towel.

Milk is a strong bonding protein and once you let it dry it becomes much more difficult to remove.


Need Help: Once the milk stain has dried you will need to resort to products to remove it. Soap and water is always a good place to start. Create a spotting solution with 1 part (1oz) of Laundry soap, 1 part (1oz) of distilled white vinegar, and 12 parts (12oz) of water.


If the milk stain starts to dissipated then skip to Finishing Up.


Need More Help: Enzyme Stain Removers found in pet stores or the laundry department of the local grocery store is a great product to use on milk stains.


Finishing Up:

Once the stain starts to dissipate dry clean (wet clean) or wash the garment per manufactures care label. It is not advised to leave spotting agents on a garment for long periods of time as it will age and discolor or yellow.


Seek professional help with your specific garment if necessary. If you have a good relationship with your green dry cleaners they will be more than happy to help you with stain removal questions.



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How to Remove Milk Stains from Wool.

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