How to Remove Red Wine from a Silk Vest.

Always evaluate the stain, color and material before proceeding. If the color is sensitive or the material is delicate you must modify your technique.

Test for Color Bleeding.

·      Dilute one part soap with ten parts water to create a solution to test for color bleeding in a hidden area.

·      Apply the solution to a white towel and blot a hidden area, check towel for color transfer.

·      Evaluate the amount of color transferred to the towel, the more color transfer the more chances of damaging the area by spotting the stain.

Stain Removal.

·      Apply a small amount of distilled white vinegar directly onto the stain and let it rest for a few minutes.

·      Blot off with a wet towel followed by a dry towel.

·      If the stain starts to dissipate, then reapply white vinegar, let it rest a few more minutes.

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If we are not achieving any results, then we will need to resort to stronger products.

Enzyme stain removers can be found in the laundry department of most grocery stores. Use the same technique as with the vinegar.

·      Apply a small amount of the enzyme onto the stain. We can also soak the entire garment in the enzyme for large stains or to prevent color loss from a specific area. Wait 15-30 minutes.

·      Blot it with a wet towel followed by a dry towel.

·      If the stain starts to dissipate, then reapply enzyme to stain, let it rest for another 15-30 minutes.

Final Step.

When done with the stain removal process, whether we blotted the stain or soaked the garment, always clean the entire item as recommended by the care label. Never leave items uncleaned after using spotting or cleaning products. Over time the spotting agent can discolor, or yellow, and weaken the material.


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