How to Wash Gortex at Home

How to Wash Gortex at Home

Gortex is a trademarked name brand for a special design of waterproof breathable material.

Each manufacture have their own version of a breathable membrane with name like: Gortex, eVent, Sympatex, MemBrain Strata, HyVent, and many other generic brands.

The material is comprised of two or more pieces of fabric fused together to make a breathable membrane. The outer layer is usually a type of nylon and the inner layer(s) is a rubber type of membrane consisting of micro holes. These micro holes is what allows the Gortex to breathe.

These waterproof breathable membrane materials, whether it’s Gortex or another manufacture version, can never be exposed to synthetic solvents or high heat. This type of material is best washed in a front load washing machine with a full load of clothes consisting of heavier garments such as Jeans. Due to the membrane the garment has a tendency to trap air and float to the top of the wash load. Therefore, it needs the heavier garments to help with the agitation. The floating is also why these breathable membranes will not clean well in a top load washer. Pre-scrub the cuff and collar and pre-treat stains with laundry detergent before washing will help immensely with the final results. Treat any oily stains with a citrus degreaser before washing. Be sure to check the ingredients of the stain remover of choice, DO NOT use a solvent based stain remover on this type of material.

Wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry. DO NOT PUT INTO THE DRYER.

Safe Products to use:

Home laundry detergents. Use it to pre treat the cuffs, collar, and generally dirty areas before washing.

CitraSolv is a citrus base degreaser for oil stains. Make a solution of 5 parts CitraSolv, 1 part laundry detergent, and 1 part water. Apply this solution to the oil stain, allow it to penetrate for 5-10 minutes before washing.

Enzyme base stain remover for stubborn organic stains (food, urine, vomit, feces, blood). Bio Kleen’s Bac-Out or Earth Friendly Product’s  Every Day Stain & Odor Remover work well.

These products are found in the laundry department at your local grocery store such as Whole Foods Market and Mollie Stones Markets.

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