Is the fake fur on my jacket fixable?

Question: I bought an Aeropostale jacket the other day with fur rimming the edges of the hood. And my mom accidentally machine washed and dried it. Would you be able to fix it? If so, how?


Answer: Hi Nancy
What do you mean when you say ruined? Give me some details, what did it look like before- what does it look like now? Is it clumped together, or is it curled? Did it fall apart, or is it just flat and matted?



Question: It’s suppose to look like this: 

But the fur edge is all clumped together and matted. It reminds me of a rug.

I was going to try to comb it out and straightening it with a hair straightener. But a friend suggest I find out if a dry cleaning place could fix it first.


Answer: If it’s just matted and clumped you can comb it out it a fine brush like a dog brush that you get from the pet store. That will help fluff and separate the hairs. You do not need to use any additional products on it. Do not use a hair straightener on it, it will melt the fir.  If the hairs are curling then they have melted because most of the synthetic furs are polyester.

Let me know if that solves the problem. If this doesn’t work send me a picture of the current state of the fur.



Question: Now you’ve mentioned it, I think it has melted since my mom put it in the dryer. But I’ve tried combing it out like you said. Here is the result. The fluffier side is the combed out side:


Answer: Sorry to say but from the way the jacket looks on the website and the picture you sent of yours I’d say the fur melted. Combing it fluffed it up but the hairs are to short.

What does the care label say about how to clean the jacket? If it says machine wash, dry with low heat then I would suggest you return it and tell them you did as per care label. By law they are responsible for attaching proper cleaning instructions. If you did not follow the care instructions them I’m sorry to say it was your mistake. Unfortunately there is no way to fix it since it melted.

Let me know if I can assist you further.



Question: Oh, I see. The label doesn’t say anything relating to heat. It even specifies machine wash cold and cool iron if needed.
Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated!


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