New Jersey offers cash for replacing perc equipment

Anticipating tougher regulations for drycleaners, the state of New Jersey is offering cash to dry cleaners who agree to scrap their existing perc machines in favor of newer models. The state has dedicated more than $4 million to the program.

The program provides an extra incentive for Wet Cleaning, which is in line with another state-sponsored program that encourages cleaners to adopt 100 percent Wet Cleaning. The New Jersey Small Business Development Center is sponsoring workshops and providing information and support to cleaners who transition to Wet Cleaning.

The reimbursement program provides a cold-cash incentive to convert to Wet Cleaning. Cleaners who substitute Wet Cleaning equipment for perc equipment will receive the scheduled reimbursement plus an extra $15,000.

Edward Choromanski said the reimbursements would cover removal of systems from co-residential locations even if new equipment is not installed. Cleaners who want to continue to operate in those locations would have to use a non-perc alternative solvent or Wet Cleaning.

To read the entire article refer to ”New Jersey offers cash for replacing perc equipment” in the National Clothesline December 2009 (

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One Response to “New Jersey offers cash for replacing perc equipment”

  • M. Worrell says:

    Great for New Jerseyans!

    There should be an added incentive for using “green” detergents in wet-cleaning. These days, the perform the same way. And a sliding scale incentive for using those green detergents produced closer to point-of-use. This would force businesses to “go green and go local”.

    Big fan by the way.

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