New Year Resolution!

Reflecting back as well as looking forward.

“We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement; we are an established dry cleaner changing an industry!”

Our mission remains the same from day one: to serve our customers, improve our industry and care for our environment, as always leading by example.

Reflecting back on this passing year we have made quite an impact in our community. We were honored by Zero Breast Cancer with the 2009 Honor Thy Healer – Francine Levien Activist Award, we helped the San Francisco Department of Environment put on a workshop and demonstration to inform the dry cleaners of San Francisco of the health and environmental hazards of dry cleaning with solvents and the benefits of the Eco Dry Clean (wet clean) System, we were honored by both California State Assembly member Jared Huffman and California State Senator Mark Leno with Certificates of Recognition, we have continued to train other dry cleaners to make the transition to the Eco Dry Clean System, we were one of six dry cleaners invited to Germany to visit the equipment and product manufacturers of the Eco Dry Clean System to see how the equipment and cleaning agents are made as well as to give feed back to the respective companies on how to improve the system. We were featured in the media numerous times in 2009: KTVU Channel 2 news, Local Channel 26 and KMTP Channel 32 news, front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, front page of the Marin IJ, Marin Scope, San Francisco Examiner, front page of the World Journal, Mill Valley Harold, Ross Valley Reporter, Twin Cities Times, Novato Advance, News Pointer, front page of the Sing Tao Daily and Marin Magazine.

Looking forward we are extremely excited with many ideas in the works to further improve our industry and community. We will update you as each idea progress and evolve to fruition. Help make a difference by asking your Dry Cleaner to stop using solvents and switch to the Eco (wet clean) Dry Clean System.

Thank you for your support.

Happy New Year!

See the links on our website to numerous agencies regarding the health and environmental effects of dry cleaning with solvents.

Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners is your non toxic alternative in San Francisco and Sausalito.

Service with Pride since 1969

The First Dry Cleaners to be Green Business Certified by San Francisco Environment and Bay Area Green Business Program Marin County

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