How to Remove Old Blood Stains

Fresh blood stains can be easily washed out without any help, a blood stain that has been allowed to set over time becomes a much more difficult stain to remove.

Always test for colorfastness before attempting any stain removal techniques. Use a small dab of the solution on a white towel to test a hidden area of the garment to determine the amount of color loss if any.

Two great products to use to remove old blood stains are Hydrogen Peroxide and Enzymes. Hydrogen Peroxide is a bleaching agent so be careful on garments of color.

After testing for colorfastness choose the product that is safest for the garment. Both products take time to penetrate and digest the stain so allow plenty of time for the product to work.

You can apply the solution directly to the stain, then reapply often to keep it moist, do this often until the stain has dissipated.

Or you can create a solution of enzyme and water to soak the entire garment, this will require the use of more solution but less effort is required by you. Soak the garment for several hours or overnight then rewash and examine the stain before drying.

Soaking is much safer on colored garments and will remove any fugitive dyes more evenly.

Blood is a stain that will set and age over time or when exposed to heat. Tackle a blood stain as soon as possible and do not put a garment in the dryer unless all of the blood stain has been removed.

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