Self Cleaning Clothes

Engineers in China have created a non toxic, environmentally friendly chemical coating for garments that will remove stains and odors when exposed to sunlight. The research was done at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Hubei University for Nationalities. In the research test an orange dye was applied to the coated garment, 71% of the stain dissipated after 2 hours of sun exposure.  Mingce Long and Deyong Wu created this coating using a mixture of nitrogen and titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is known to degrade organic pollutants and is currently being used in self cleaning window, odor free socks, and some ceramic tiles. There is however a limiting factor, in order for the coating to work it must be exposed to ultraviolet light. They found that when silver and iodine nanoparticles were added the titanium dioxide-nitrogen mixture it accelerated the cleaning process and made the coating more user friendly. Further test of the same garments (5 times) has shown no degradation of the coating or its effectiveness. Neither has wash and drying of the coated garments effected the effectiveness of the coating.

Garments made with such self cleaning materials would have a huge impact on our environment. An enormous amount of energy and detergents (chemical waste) can be saved by not having to wash and dry your clothes, not to mention the energy saving by not having to produce the detergent and sanitize the waste water.

Retail experts say there is a demand for low maintained clothing, the clothing industry experts say there is a huge interest if it could be produced in large scale. This type of clothing is showing to be popular in Japan and Asian countries where humid hot weather (sweaty body odors) are prevalent.

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