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Want More For Your Health?

Your body stores toxins when exposed to chemicals such as dry cleaning, pumping gas, running/exercising in traffic or something as innocent as drinking tap water.  Reduce toxins from your body by exercising, eating organic foods, and take antioxidants.  Most of us concerned with staying healthy know these A, B, C’s of living well. And if [...]

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The 2008-09 annual report of the President’s Cancer Panel

has just been released.  The purpose of this panel is to assess the state of environmental cancer research, policy and programs addressing known and potential effects of environmental exposures on cancer. This report, entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now,” discusses the large and growing body of evidence linking cancer to environmental [...]

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Angela’s Journey with Breast Cancer

The story of an amazing woman who forged boldly through a scary situation reminding us that grounding helps heal. By Stefanie Atkinson Below is an interview that I am very happy to share with you. Stefanie: Angela, why did you decide to have me journal your journey through photographs? Angela: I was afraid that if [...]

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Walk for the TATA’s

We are supporting Kathleen Horvath with the Five Elements group (feng shui) for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Click here to help support Kathleen and Avon. <> Kathleen J. Horvath, CFSC Creating Empowering Spaces with Feng Shui Services 5 Elements Group, LLC Corte Madera, CA 94925 T. 415-690-9839 F. 415-276-3231 E: W: [...]

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Breast Cancer and the Relationship to Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Think of all the women you know and love, one in eight of those women will get breast cancer today as compared to one in twenty a generation ago. We think of breast cancer as a disease that only affect women but that’s not true, men can also develop breast cancer. A study of 1350 [...]

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A Day of Health and Joy for Women

A Day of Health and Joy for Women, Presented by Women’s Cancer Awareness Group This is going to be a wonderful day to celebrate the health of women. It  is a day for women to find support whose lives have been touched by cancer; whether a survivor who is trying to take full advantage of [...]

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California Air Resources Board Report on Dry Cleaning Solvents

California Air Resources Board Dry Cleaning Notice 2009-2 November 2009 Alternative Solvents Used for Dry Cleaning Operations This information is not meant to be exhaustive as other solvents may also be available. More information on the alternatives may be found in our March 2008, Fact Sheet titled Dry Cleaning Alternative Solvents: Health and Environmental Impacts [...]

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New Year Resolution!

Reflecting back as well as looking forward. “We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement; we are an established dry cleaner changing an industry!” Our mission remains the same from day one: to serve our customers, improve our industry and care for our environment, as always leading by example. Reflecting back on this [...]

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Breast Cancer Walk Singer

This is Damond Moodie and he came to play music in front of Pacific Heights cleaners and encourage people on during the three day breast cancer walk. We passed out some lint rollers to the people walking.   Pacific Heights Cleaners, Sausalito & San Francisco, your non toxic alternative Marin’s 1st & Best Certified [...]

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Testimonial from K.S.

Wow!!! Green Dry Cleaning. I’ve been using them for years, they offer a great value for the service and quality they provide. I have always been worried about dry cleaning my clothes with chemicals but since I have to dress well for work there was no choice. Since they offer green dry cleaning I’m a [...]

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Zero Breast Cancer Acceptance Speach

This is a very exciting time for me. I have always seen myself as a drycleaner here to service my community not an activist here to change the world. I do certain things in life because it is the right thing to do and it is such a wonderful feeling when someone notices what I [...]

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Zero Breast Cancer Award

April 23 ,2009 was a monumental night for all of us at Pacific Heights Cleaners in Sausaltio and San Francisco. We were honored with the Zero Breast Cancer’s Francine Levien Activist Award at the 10th annual Honor Thy Healer Ceremony. Zero Breast Cancer has recognized us for removing the dangerous solvent from the dry cleaning process. These [...]

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The 2009 Francine Levien Activist is Karl Huie, Video

Ten years of honoring community’s healers The 2009 Francine Levien Activist is Karl Huie, owner of Pacific Heights Cleaners of Sausalito and San Francisco. Karl Huie is being recognized for taking a leadership role in promoting the health of the community. Pacific Heights Cleaners is Marin’s first and only certified green dry cleaner, an official desgination by [...]

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Zero Breast Cancer Award Ceremony Video

Zero Breast Cancer 10th Annual Honor Thy Healer Award Ceremony. Fern Orenstein’s introduction of the Francine Levien Activist Award Honoree Pacific Heights Cleaners Sausalito and San Francisco. Karl Huie Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito is your resource for cleaning tips and garment care information. A certified green dry cleaner by the Bay [...]

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The 2009 Healing Partner honoree is Walt Spicer, Video

The 2009 Healing Partner honoree is Walt Spicer, a supportive husband and volunteer who helped design the Marin Cancer Institute. Walt Spicer’s association with Marin General Hospital began in 1992 as the cancer center was being built. He was encouraged by the Marin General Hospital Foundation to direct gifts made to the hospital in memory [...]

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The 2009 Community Breast Cancer Researcher is Kathie Delassandri, M.D., Video

The 2009 Community Breast Cancer Researcher is Kathie Delassandri, M.D., a breast cancer researcher working on ways to predict breast cancer. Eleven years ago, Zero Breast Cancer partnered with Doctor Margaret Wrensch of UCSF to conduct the first breast cancer research study in Marin County, the Adolescent Study and the Development of Breast Cancer. This [...]

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The 2009 Shining Star is Larree Renda and the Safeway Foundation, Video

The 2009 Shining Star is Larree Renda and the Safeway Foundation, a major funder of breast cancer research. Larree Renda oversees retail strategy, labor relations, public affairs, government relations, health initiatives, human resources, industrial engineering, re-engineering and communications for one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America and on of the largest [...]

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The Healing Professional Edward W. Banks,M.D., Video

The 2009 Healing Professional is Edward W. Banks, M.D., a Kaiser Permanente surgeon at the San Rafael Medical Center with a special interest in breast cancer. Dr. Edward Banks has been treating women with breast cancer for nearly 30 years. He has been a steadfast proponent of the team approach to medical diagnosis and treatment, [...]

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Sausalito Sustainability Commission Award

Karl Huie Pacific Heights Cleaners in San Francisco and Sausalito is your resource for cleaning tips and garment care information. A certified green dry cleaner by the Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Environment. Your non toxic dry cleaning alternative serving you with an EPA approved Eco Dry Clean (Wet Clean) System [...]

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