The Dangers of Alcohol

Alcohol will not only damage your liver but more importantly it will also damage your beloved fine garments and we’re not just talking about bright red/purple stain from red wine. Red wine is one of the most difficult stains to remove especially if the stain has aged. But even clear alcohol such as vodka or rubbing alcohol can cause a lot of damage. Mix drinks can be even more dangerous due to the sugars and other ingredients in them. Many products will contain some form of alcohol, such as perfume, hair spray, household cleaners and hand cleaner/wipes. What the alcohol will do is cause the dye to shift or bleed and create a dark ring or worse strip the color out.

The most sensitive fabric to alcohol is your delicate silks due to the soft surface dyes but it can cause damage to any garment if the stain is allowed to oxidize. More often then not it’s the sensitivity of the color/dye of the garment that restricts us from removing the stain thus the importance of cleaning and removing all the alcohol stains from your garment as soon as possible even if nothing is visible.

So remember don’t drink and drive because you’ll spill and don’t talk with your hands at the social gatherings if you have a glass in hand. Other than that dry clean or wash your garments if you think you spilled, splashed or sprayed on them.

Eco Dry Clean (Wet Clean) has an advantage over traditional dry clean in regards to stain and dirt removal but to help your dry cleaner better care for your garments point the stains out to you’re dry cleaner to make sure they are aware of them and can treat them properly.

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