UCLA Sustainable Technology Program Sponsors Wet Clean Demonstration in San Jose CA

Sustainable Technology Program sponsored an information and demonstration
workshop for the non toxic Professional Wet Clean system on March 11, 2012 in
San Jose CA at Branham Lane Cleaners.


This system
is a solvent free, non toxic alternative to traditional Dry Clean. Wet Clean
and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are the only two dry cleaning systems recognized as
environmentally friendly by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Union of
Concern Scientist, and the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). A dry cleaner
must use only one of these systems to be Green Certified by the Bay Area Green
Business Program.


There was a
large turnout in attendance, with many inquisitive question:

Because most stains are
water soluble or non soluble the water base cleaning solution will remove more
dirt and stains than solvent dry cleaning.

The cleaning solution of
the Wet Clean system is acidic, this along with setting the dye with an acidic
solution prior to cleaning eliminates color bleeding problems.

Wet Clean and Carbon
Dioxide Cleaning (CO2) are the only two systems recognized as environmentally
friendly by government agencies. All of the other dry clean solvent are either
lack test results, or have some conflicting results to the impact on your
health and the environment.

Yes, unfortunately Wet
Clean does require approximately 20% more labor to sort the garments for
cleaning and to press the garments after cleaning. Beyond physical labor the operator
requires much more knowledge of dyes and material to successfully use the Wet
Clean system.

Due to the increase in
labor it is slightly more to operate, but some of these cost are offset by not
needing to have hazardous waste removal, hazardous waste permits from OSHA, the
constant distillation of the solvent, and the purchase of the solvent.

Many of the Dry Cleaners
in the San Francisco Bay Area, thru out California, that has made the conversion
to Wet Clean has seen a substantial increase in business. The consensus seems
to be most consumers are becoming concerned with the health hazards of the dry
cleaning solvent and are looking for a truly non toxic alternative.

All the cleaning solution
used in the Wet Clean process can be disposed of into the municipal waste
system and process along with the waste water. This is one of the requirements
by the San Francisco Environment to become Green Business Certified.

None of the products used
in the Wet Clean contain Volatile  Organic
Compounds (VOC’s) or any other ingredients that are considered hazardous.



Karl Huie

Pacific Heights Cleaners in
San Francisco and Sausalito

is your resource for cleaning
tips and garment care information.

A certified green dry cleaner
by the Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Environment.

Your non toxic dry cleaning
alternative serving you with an EPA approved Eco Dry Clean (Wet Clean) System
that is safe for your health and is environmentally friendly.



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