How to Remove Urine Stains

Urine stains compose of many different matters: salts, minerals, and pigment. Urine is a water soluble stain that is acidic in the pH scale which means that traditional solvent dry cleaning will not remove the stain or smell. This stain will set over time and become difficult to remove, so take care of it soon than later.

If the garment is a dry clean only item you need to find a professional dry cleaner that uses the wet clean process to remove this type of stain.

If the stain is fresh it will wash out with a little soap and water without much effort, if the stain has dried and set for a long period of time then it’s a different story.

Set urine stains will need some extra help in the form of an enzyme. Either apply the enzyme directly or create an enzyme solution to soak the entire garment, the technique you choose to used will depend on the amount of urine and color of the garment. If there is a little urine stain than apply the enzyme directly to the stain, but if there is a lot of urine or the color bleeds then soaking the garment is a better choice.

A good enzyme will remove all of the visual stain and smell unless it has oxidized, in which case the enzyme will remove the smell but not he visual stain.

In some cases the yellow oxidized stain can be remove by a professional using harsh chemical and in other cases the stain is permeate due to material restrictions.

If you are uncertain on how to handle a certain type of material then consult your professional dry cleaner.

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