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Your body stores toxins when exposed to chemicals such as dry cleaning, pumping gas, running/exercising in traffic or something as innocent as drinking tap water.  Reduce toxins from your body by exercising, eating organic foods, and take antioxidants.  Most of us concerned with staying healthy know these A, B, C’s of living well. And if you are reading this, you understand the importance of keeping toxins out of your clothes and body. But one area that you may not be considering is Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology are the umbrella terms given to treatments that regard the body as an energetic system. People have used it successfully for such things as anxiety and depression, sports-performance, immune issues, heavy-metal detox, fibromyalgia and insomnia.

We all know that the right tool for the right job can transform any project. So, if your project is to stay healthy or solve a health challenge, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology might be exactly what you require.

Tiffany Schneider, PhD is the Founder of the Applied Energy Flow Healing System. You can find out more about her and Energy Medicine at www.AppliedEnergyFlow.com.

Karl Huie

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