20% off Wedding Dress Special

Vintage Wedding Dress Preserved For A Lfetime

Now that the special day is over and your settling in to your new life, many brides forget about their special dress – the wedding dress.

It sits in the corner of the closet aging and oxidizing with every moment. Often it’s a year or two before the thought of cleaning it re-enters ones mind, the problem is that all those easy to remove stains from the hugs and kisses along with the spilled champagne have oxidized and become extremely difficult to remove.

One of the top priorities after the honeymoon is to have your wedding dress properly cleaned by a certified non toxic green dry cleaner and boxed to last for a lifetime.

Mention this blog with your incoming order and receive 20% the cost of cleaning and boxing your special wedding dress. Offer expires December 31, 2010


Pacific Heights Cleaners

Your non toxic alternative, proudly leading the way

in garment care today – and into a healthy future.

The first dry cleaner in Marin and San Francisco to be green business certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program and San Francisco Environment. Using the Wet Clean dry cleaning system that is EPA approved as environmentally friendly.


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